‘The Checks’ P.2

We are now in the Beta stage of our Digital Artefacts and once again, I’m required to contribute to my classmate’s projects. I decided to engage in the same three student projects I looked at in the pitch stage as it would allow me to comment on the development and progress made on each DA. … Continue reading ‘The Checks’ P.2

‘The Engagement’

If you haven't already seen my Fruit Salad pitch, follow the link to read about my ideation process.   ★   ★   ★   For those of you who need a quick recap, I am developing a game I've created called Fruit Salad.   In the week 2 subject materials, Jonathan Barbara (2015) explains how boardgames bring people … Continue reading ‘The Engagement’

‘The Revenge’

  ★   ★   ★   This is the story world for our (currently unnamed) game. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working alongside Hayden Curley, Isaac Allen, Aliah Walton and Isaac Percy, communicating and collaborating through Zoom calls and Twitter group chats as we develop our Game Pitch. Our game is inspired … Continue reading ‘The Revenge’

‘The Engagement’

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29l3_UuXOwo   BACKGROUND RESEARCH In conducting my research throughout my DA, I have learned a lot about the fashion industry, particularly that the future of VR and AR could lead toward many different outcomes and result in a number of futures. As stated in the week 4 lecture by Masini, “it’ll be a continuous … Continue reading ‘The Engagement’

‘The Pitch’

INSPIRATION & BACKGROUND RESEARCH The first game I took my main inspiration from is F**k, a psychological adult card game, where players have the freedom to swear as they try to “identify colours and words when they are jumbled together.” (Gameology, n.d.) Being a 20 year old who doesn't swear (shocking, I know), my first experience of … Continue reading ‘The Pitch’

‘The Movie’

As I begin my third and final year of Uni, I am only now, for the first time, being introduced to this world of live tweeting. Up until this point, I had only the smallest exposure to this world as I would scroll through various hashtags on Twitter. To be honest, the idea of it … Continue reading ‘The Movie’

‘The Checks’

During the process of creating my own digital artefact, I'm required to involve myself in other students’ projects – engaging in their research topic and providing feedback to create a feedback loop. I’ve been assigned three of my peers’ pitches where I will share with them what was done well, how they could improve and … Continue reading ‘The Checks’