‘The Checks’ P.2

We are now in the Beta stage of our Digital Artefacts and once again, I’m required to contribute to my classmate’s projects. I decided to engage in the same three student projects I looked at in the pitch stage as it would allow me to comment on the development and progress made on each DA. … Continue reading ‘The Checks’ P.2

‘The Engagement’

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29l3_UuXOwo   BACKGROUND RESEARCH In conducting my research throughout my DA, I have learned a lot about the fashion industry, particularly that the future of VR and AR could lead toward many different outcomes and result in a number of futures. As stated in the week 4 lecture by Masini, “it’ll be a continuous … Continue reading ‘The Engagement’

‘The Movie’

As I begin my third and final year of Uni, I am only now, for the first time, being introduced to this world of live tweeting. Up until this point, I had only the smallest exposure to this world as I would scroll through various hashtags on Twitter. To be honest, the idea of it … Continue reading ‘The Movie’

‘The Checks’

During the process of creating my own digital artefact, I'm required to involve myself in other students’ projects – engaging in their research topic and providing feedback to create a feedback loop. I’ve been assigned three of my peers’ pitches where I will share with them what was done well, how they could improve and … Continue reading ‘The Checks’

‘The Pitch’

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbMFgwojyRM   METHODOLOGY I intend to create 3 video essays posted on YouTube for my Digital artefact, exploring various topics surrounding my concept of the future of fashion. As I am creative and enjoy video editing, I thought it would be a great platform to me to experiment more with, whilst also giving me … Continue reading ‘The Pitch’