‘The Note’

A whole semester has passed and my research project is officially complete!     Starting off in BCM212 I was quite sceptical on the subject as it wasn't one I would naturally go and choose myself. The term "ongoing research project" was not one I thought I wanted to hear going into the subject but … Continue reading ‘The Note’

‘The Tape’

Was anyone else getting 'The Good Place' vibes in this weeks lecture with all this talk on social points and 'good' and 'bad' citizens?     I was in shock finding out China is already implementing something similar with what is known as their 'Social Credit System (SCS).' The SCS is run through AI technology … Continue reading ‘The Tape’

‘The Secret Code’

Open vs Closed source software. Confused? I feel. After doing a whole lot of research on these terms I've come to find definitions that actually better help me understand their meanings. All computer-based programs are created using source code, which is the "technical blueprint that tells a program how to function." Open source software (OSS) is "available for … Continue reading ‘The Secret Code’

‘The Robbery’

Copyright is  'a type of intellectual property that provides exclusive publication, distribution, and usage rights for the author", meaning content can't be stolen and requires the author's consent. YouTube has a Content ID automated system, however they say that their accuracy can only be as good as the accuracy of what copyright holders submit to … Continue reading ‘The Robbery’

‘The Implant’

The framing theory suggests that the way in which something is presented to the audience (the frame) influences the choices they make about processing information. Frames (also known as schema) are a concept discussed thoroughly throughout Atteveldt's article, titled 'Associative Framing'. Specifically, the article looks at associative frames, which involves individuals viewing schema and linking it … Continue reading ‘The Implant’

‘The Junk Mail’

Kelly defines the internet as a “copy machine”, as everything we produce digitally is copied. Mass production has allowed for cheaper production of desired goods but left only a small space for craft based production and customisation. With the digital economy running on an abundance of copies, originality can be scarce as all users are active participants and have … Continue reading ‘The Junk Mail’