‘The Finale’

IF YOU’RE STILL YET TO READ BLOG POST 1, ‘THE PICK’ AND BLOG POST 2, ‘THE ENGAGEMENT’ CLICK ON THE LINKS TO CATCH UP ON EVERYTHING YOU’VE MISSED! 🙂 ✮✮✮ The time has come where my digital artefact has reached the end of module 3; making. This module had a focus on further developing our … Continue reading ‘The Finale’

‘The Engagement’

If you haven't read blog post 1, 'The Pick', click here and catch up on what my DA is all about! 🙂 ✮✮✮ My pitch is done, the ideating module is over and now I’m back for module 2; prototyping. After receiving feedback from my project pitch I was made aware that I had in … Continue reading ‘The Engagement’

‘The Conversion’

Global Film Industries - Nollywood and Korean Cinema Ryoo, W 2009, ‘Globalization, or the logic of cultural hybridization: the case of the Korean wave,’ Asian Journal of Communication, Vol 19, issue 2, pp.137-151 This article written by Ryoo (2009) has a focus on the Korean wave, which is about the growing popularity of Korean culture. The … Continue reading ‘The Conversion’

‘The Visa’

Internationalising Higher Education: Learning and Teaching Arkoudis, S., Baik, C., Marginson, S. and Cassidy, E 2012, 'Internationalising the student experience in Australian tertiary education : developing criteria and indicators,' Centre for the Study of Higher Education, pp.1-30 Arkoudis et. Al (2010) discuss the internationalising of student experience for all students, with a main focus on … Continue reading ‘The Visa’

‘The Package’

Globalisation, Media Flows and Saturation Coverage Appadurai, A 1996, ‘Disjunture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy’, Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation, Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press, pp. 27-47. Appadurai in his academic journal introduces the concept of ‘global flows’ as a method of exploring disjunctures between culture, the economy and politics. … Continue reading ‘The Package’