‘The Pitch’

My decision to mix my art and personal content on my Instagram is to put a face behind the artist and create a strong aesthetic. I also personally prefer following artists that share a mix of content as it breaks up their feed and lets us as the audience into their life. One particular artist I take inspiration from is Jess Lambert (@_jesslambert_). I follow Jess for her aesthetics and good balance between art and lifestyle content and I aspire to reach that same balance within my own page.

With my preference in mind, I wanted to see if my followers felt the same. I shared some questions to my Instagram stories to find out the main reasons my followers follow my account. The results gave me the insight that 58% of my followers that responded to the poll are following me for my personal photos/lifestyle images and the remaining 42% for my art. Although this was only a result of the people who contributed to my poll, it was a great insight that informed me a balance between art and lifestyle content is important to maintain on my Instagram. It also gave me the desire to further investigate this idea and see whether it will change over the semester.

I then shared a poll asking my followers whether my art and personal photos should remain mixed on the one account or separated across two. I had a strong preference to keep my content mixed on the one account and the results, although close, allowed me to confidently go ahead with this knowing over half of my following enjoyed viewing my content on the one page.

In order to engage with my audience and create feedback loops, I remain active on my stories, sharing anything that’s happening or my current projects. As you can see in the images below, I have an active following who are engage with my content and provide me with suggestions or ideas for work. I ensure to respond to every response I receive in my stories and any comments I receive on my posts to create feedback loops and engage with my community. My account remains under a business profile in order for me to gain insights on my audience and content – so I’m aware of the best posting times and can see what content does well and what doesn’t.


Twitter: @__nicolepap

Instagram: @__nicolepap

TikTok: @__nicolepap

Facebook: TheFramedCollective

Etsy: TheFramedCollective

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