‘The Revenge’



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This is the story world for our (currently unnamed) game. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working alongside Hayden Curley, Isaac Allen, Aliah Walton and Isaac Percy, communicating and collaborating through Zoom calls and Twitter group chats as we develop our Game Pitch.

Our game is inspired by various games such as:

Ultimately, our game shares the most similarities with Cluedo. It is a board game of social deduction and a little bit of luck. The board layout is a floor plan of the White House, where players will move from room to room and try and track down and identify the Alien before it infects the President.


The process of developing a group game pitch proved to be a fun and rewarding experience. Although we faced many challenges in the initial ideation stage of our game, our strong team collaboration allowed us to produce something great. In ideating and creating a game concept and presentation as a larger group, we saw a lot of benefits in delegating roles to individual members and splitting up the workload.

My group was equally involved in ideating the general concept for our game based on our own previous game experiences. We each conducted individual research on a specific game that we drew inspiration from. I chose to research Monopoly, looking into the game description, developers, publishers, pricing and how it inspired our game. BoardGameGeek was the main source I used to gather all this required information.

My second role in developing our game pitch was writing our game narrative and story world setting. Once our group had a general idea of our story world setting, I wrote up a short narrative to set the theme for our game (as seen at the beginning of this post). It was very important this narrative was powerful as this was essentially the face of our game and would be one of it’s key selling points. I’m very pleased with the final outcome as it ties in our narrative and really sets the theme for our pitch.

My third contribution to the game development was addressing our game experience genre, theme and target audience. The first place I looked was at industry sources such as Statista to look at the ‘global board game market value from 2017 to 2023’. Based on the graph I discovered the market value would grow from around 7.2 billion to 12 billion USD by 2023.



I also discovered research by PrintNinja conducted in 2017 sharing what people are willing to spend annually. This information uncovered that “6% spent less than $100, 15% spent $100-$199, 19% spent $200-$399, 16% spent $400-$599, 21% spent $600-$1000, 22% spent more than $1000 per year and 1% was unsure.” These statistics show us that there’s a market for boardgames and people willing to spend the money.

Through another graph on Statista I was able to learn the average age of US video game players. This was insightful to my contribution as I could see the main market for board games and base my decisions on our target audience from this research.



When determining the age appropriateness for our game I had to consider the games theme, difficulty of mechanics and level of intellect to understand the core game rules. Considering our game sat in the sci-fi genre and didn’t contain much graphical content I was instantly able to narrow down the audience. Judging that the rules we are creating aren’t too complex, I was led to conclude that our audience would be 12yrs +. I further broke down the audience into demographic, graphic and psychographic segmentation which will be further discussed in our presentation.


In terms of putting together our presentation we have also decided to share out the workload and contribute to our areas of choice and strength. Hayden and I will be creating the presentation and ensuring everything from the layout to the content is seamless and of good quality.

Regarding my contribution to the presentation, I will be writing up my script for the information I have researched and contributed to the Pitch as well as creating all the audio-visual contents necessary for these topics. This will include Game Narrative and Story World as well as Genre, Theme and Audience.


If we were able to move past the pitch stage and further prototype this game, one thing I would have loved is for our group to playtest our current idea. This would allow for some of our unanswered questions to be answered, such as ‘will it be too easy to identify who everyone is in a game of 4 people?’ and ‘will this game have long enough play length?’

However as that is not the case, we hope that our pitch can tackle all these questions and provide strong insight into what we have collaborated on and created as a team.




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