‘The Pitch’



The first game I took my main inspiration from is F**k, a psychological adult card game, where players have the freedom to swear as they try to “identify colours and words when they are jumbled together.” (Gameology, n.d.) Being a 20 year old who doesn’t swear (shocking, I know), my first experience of this game had me changing the rules and avoiding all these expletives. I remember saying to my girl friends that I wanted a “Nicole-friendly” version of this game, which is exactly what I’m here to pitch.

asf_14.1_fig_1F**k is a game that explores the Stroop Effect. Stroop’s innovation was to “show, clearly and definitively, that our embedded knowledge about our environment impacts how we interact with it”. Stroop’s research is very well known – you might find you are familiar with one of his psychological tests, where you read a list of colours, either stating the word as you read it and ignoring the colours, or read the colour of the word, ignoring the text. “When there is a conflict between these two sources of information, our cognitive load is increased, and our brains have to work harder to resolve the required difference.” (Farnsworth, 2019)

cartoon-bananaThe second game I sourced inspiration from is Throw Throw Burritofast-paced, set collection card game. The dodgeball element of this game is what I wanted to incorporate into my own gameplay to elevate the gameplay and reach out to my target audience.



Combining these main two elements into one game I was left with my concept, ‘Fruit Salad’. Fruit salad is a social game that falls under the card game/ party game category images-5and its mechanisms include: take that and action/dexterity. The objective of the game is to be the first person to have an empty hand.

I wanted to create a “smaller” game concept as I am a lover of simple games. There doesn’t need to be an elaborate “story line”, I just enjoy the act of sitting around a table holding my hand of cards and the nostalgia it brings. In an article by Sargeantson (n.d.) she states “There’s just something magical about handling cards, 01.jpgA5581163-2DC9-4100-9AE1-E3626545E4B0Zoomrolling dice and placing pieces on a board game” and this completely resonates with my concept and reasoning behind choosing a physical game rather than digital.



I’ve written up a brief summary of game play for Fruit Salad:





The target audience for Fruit Salad are families. Not only will it be a psychological cartoon-apple
challenge for the kids, but also the adults in the room. I found a quote by Konieczny (2017) that proves to be very true for my own game design experience. It states “people engage in tabletop gaming not to win, but because it is the social aspect of play (face-to-face interactions)”. I found this quote to be very relevant in terms of my intentions with Fruit Salad – rather than Printbeing a competitive game I aim for it to be considered a social game by it’s players. I hope to create the perfect card game for family game nights that will leave players satisfied with their playing experience.



I created the following schedule to visually present how I intend on spending my time and completing my game design project. This will ensure I am keeping on track with where I should be in my production line and allow me enough time to complete each task.





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