‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ – P.6

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First, making note of where Dad sits in the living room area, I marked the spot red in the layout. Dad has his one seat he will sit in every night, that never changes. If he is away for the night, one of us will most likely sit in his seat because it’s the most comfortable spot.




When Seinfeld is on, Dad, like the others, is multi-tasking. He will be on his iPad or talking to the family. He too, having seen the episodes many times doesn’t need to give his full attention to the show to know what is happening but will still be laughing at the characters, particularly Kramer.


I then pulled Dad aside after conducting my observational research and asked him some questions about his engagement with the show – which went as follows.

How were you introduced to the show?

“Years ago. It would have been when your mother and I didn’t have you kids, and I think we just saw it on the TV one night. I began collecting them as VCR tapes and still have them today.”

Do you consider yourself a fan of the show and why/why not?

“Of course. Seinfeld is a top tier show. There’s absolutely no plot and the characters just add to that – it’s a show about nothing – and it’s hilarious.”

Do you ever watch it alone or only with the family?

“Occasionally if I am home alone I will put it on, but I mainly watch it only with the family, either on DVD or TV now.”

 Do you have a favourite character from the show?

“Kramer, hands down. He’s hilarious. I love his character and how doesn’t necessarily have a purpose – he’s just there. The things he does make me laugh.”


I then asked him to complete that same Buzzfeed quiz, ‘Which “Seinfeld” Character Are You?’ and share his results. He was told he was George Costanza. When asking him if he saw himself aligning with any of these characteristics he said “Yes, George and I do share similar characteristics, so I do see the relatability there… and we share the same name!”





★   ★   ★

To find out my findings and point of interest for my ethnographic study, click here.

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