‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ – P.5

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I will first make note of my Mum’s seats in the living room, marking the two areas she sits in red. Her seat will depend on who she wants to sit next to on the night.




Whilst Seinfeld is playing Mum will sit and be engaged in the show the majority of the time with her phone nearby, occasionally playing a game, reading news articles or talking to the family. Even having seen all the episodes many times before, Mum still laughs at the dialogue and says her favourite lines alongside the characters.


After conducting observational research, I pulled Mum aside and asked her some questions about her engagement with the show – which went as follows.

How were you introduced to the show?

“It would have been many, many years ago, when your father and I were living together. I imagine we just saw it on TV and it became one of our favourite shows ever since.”

Do you consider yourself a fan of the show and why/why not?

“Yes, I’m definitely a fan of the show. I love that everything is so relatable. We always quote Seinfeld around the house to each other and have a lot of fun doing so. It’s a pointless show but very entertaining.”

Do you ever watch it alone or only with the family?

“I only ever watch it with the family, never on my own. We used to play it on the VCR or DVD player after dinner every night but recently they’ve been playing it on TV again, so we always have it turned on those nights to watch.”

 Do you have a favourite character from the show?

“I like Elaine, but my favourite character would have to be George. He stresses too much and overexaggerates everything and sometimes reminds me of your dad.”


I then asked her to complete the same Buzzfeed quiz, ‘Which “Seinfeld” Character Are You?’. She was told she was J. Peterman. When asking her if she saw herself aligning with any of his characteristics she said, “No I don’t quite see myself aligning with any of these characteristics but it was my first Buzzfeed quiz so that was fun.”





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To read on about my third and final family member I will be conducting my study on, click here.





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