‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ – P.4

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In conducting my observational research, the first note to make is on the layout of my living room area where Sophie chooses to sit after dinner – I marked the two areas she would usually sit in red.




Working full time, Sophie comes home after dinner wants to sit down on her phone to relax. Whilst Seinfeld is on, she will be on and off her laptop and phone, talking to the family and occasionally leave the room for a bit. She isn’t the most engaged when the show is on out of the family, treating it more as background noise – this may be because we have seen the episodes many times before or purely because she has more interest in the devices in front of her.


I then pulled her aside to ask her some questions about her engagement with the show – which went as follows.

How were you introduced to the show?

“I’ve known of the show for as long as I can remember, as Mum and Dad have always watched it and used to play it for us on the VCR tapes.”

Do you consider yourself a fan of the show and why/why not?

“Yes, I do consider myself a fan of the show, it’s always just been one of those shows that’s easy to watch and I love that about it.”

Do you ever watch it alone or only with the family?

“I only ever watch the show when it’s on upstairs after dinner with the family. I may not necessarily be watching it with my full attention but it’s just one of those shows that’s great for background noise. I love coming home from work and having it on in the background whilst I’m on my phone or laptop as it just sets a good vibe in the house.”

Do you have a favourite character from the show?

“My favourite character from the show definitely has to be Kramer. He’s such an eccentric character with great humour – he’s very entertaining.”


I then asked her to complete a Buzzfeed quiz for my own genuine curiosity, ‘Which “Seinfeld” Character Are You?’ and asked her to share her results with me. She was told she was Jerry Seinfeld. When asking her if she saw herself aligning with any of his characteristics she said “No, although I do love collecting white shoes.”





★   ★   ★

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