‘The Finale’

If you haven’t already, follow the links to my previous blog posts,  ‘The Pitch P.3’ and ‘The Engagement P.3’ to find out what my DA is all about! 🙂

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My digital artefact is spread over Instagram and Etsy. Inspired by a love of drawing and everything creative, my Instagram reaches out to those who are passionate about art like myself. In order to monetise my DA, I run an Etsy shop to sell my artworks and alongside both these platforms I use TikTok to maximise my exposure.

I chose Instagram as it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to share art and also a great platform to engage with a community of people with similar interests and I chose Etsy as I am familiar with the site and know it’s a great place for artists wanting to sell their work.

In ‘The Engagement P.3’, I reiterated my DA, narrowing my audience down through a new frame.

bcm206 starter pack.jpeg


From my Beta stage to present, I focussed gaining user feedback through word-of-mouth. I soon received advice that my current aesthetic at the time (my posts) were not representing the audience I framed so I iterated once more, only posting images that fit the lifestyle I wanted to share. In learning about cyberculture, I learned that the culture of the internet favours aesthetics and so have adjusted mine to this vibrant, beach/natural themed lifestyle.

Old vs new aesthetic


As this was a recent iteration, I am yet to notice any differences in terms of likes or engagement on my posts, however, as my aim of narrowing my page down to a specific lifestyle was to improve my account’s overall aesthetics, I am really just hoping to capture the right audience for my work within their first few moments of seeing my page.

Within ‘The Engagement P.3’ I also discuss my inspirations on Instagram such as @_jesslambert_ and @fortyonehundred and how observing their posting schedules/aesthetics drives iteration within my own DA.


Left: Jess Lambert, Right: Lizze Snow


As I continue to develop my DA I’ve learned it does not fall under the ‘Fast’ in the FIST concept as drawing each artwork takes many hours. I now re-post older or unfinished artworks amongst personal images to not only connect with my audience on a more personal level but also post more often.

My work is relevant to my audience as they’re interested in art or looking to purchase my art. My DA is relevant to me as art is something I’m very passionate about and want to share with people, with the hope my DA will turn into a small business or path to collaborating with other businesses in the future.

At this present stage, I am satisfied with the progress of my DA’s aesthetics and lifestyle being presented. My plan from here is to continue developing my aesthetics, taking notes on the progress of my DA. My main focus however, will be on monetising my DA through my Etsy shop. I will continue to hashtag and tag all my works as well as sharing my shop across all socials (as discussed in ‘The Engagement P.3’), finding the time to update my Etsy shop and transfer the aesthetics of my Instagram over to that page for coherence.




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Twitter: @__nicolepap

Instagram: @__nicolepap

Etsy: TheFramedCollective

TikTok: @__nicolepap





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