‘The Highlights of 100 P.2’

Follow the link to watch ‘The Highlights of 100 P.1’ where I discuss the differences between remakes and remasters 🙂

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After completing Part 1 of my digital artefact as a video essay, I have come to the decision that Part 2 and 3 of my series will be posted as blog posts.

One main reason behind my decision were my time constraints. With little time and a lot of content to produce, video essays have proven to be time consuming. This can easily be minimised by simply exploring my topic through blog posts. Although video essays may be more appealing, I believe with my chosen topic, blog posts are an equally effective way to share my content as I can embed YouTube videos, images and other media to support my discussion.

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In this blog post I will be looking at why we remake and remaster games – specifically looking at nostalgia and how it encourages companies to update or change the quality of the game/ gameplay.

Nostalgia is “an affectionate feeling you have for the past, especially for a particularly happy time”. When it comes to remastering and remaking games, nostalgia is quite often the driving force.


For me, personally when I think of my childhood, Crash Team Racing is the game that comes to mind. You can only imagine how excited I was to hear they were remaking the original game released in 1999 for PS4. My sister and I pre-ordered the game and were ready to be blown away by pure nostalgia – and we were.


For those who grew up playing the game, the remake gives you a chance to relive that time, with developers hoping to make your experience as fun as you remember – creating a sense of validation for you as the player.

For those who have never played the game before, it exposes you to something new that you might not have been around for when it was first released and gives you the opportunity to play a highly-loved classic.

A recent article by Billcliffe (2019) states “I think if you look at any game that has a 10-15-year life cycle that still has a fanbase, and the graphics are low-fidelity, it’s a win-win to add something like that”. For some, seeing their childhood game remade or remastered into a modern version gives them a reason to share it with others and share the experience together.

An article by Caldwell (2019) looks into reasons behind remaking and remastering games, gaining developers perspectives on why they chase nostalgia. Some of the reasons that came from their interviews were about “growing up, for some it was about making dusty old thing fresh again and some just like the idea of revisiting old lands because it ‘makes people happy’”.


As I continue my research I notice this question brings about a variety of answers, however it all comes back to this one reason – nostalgia. Producer, Dennis Schiefer in Caldwell’s article (2019) states “people haven’t played the game in a long time and actually want to replay them. But if you pick up the original it’s quite disappointing…” He also made an interesting point as he “also thinks it’s a bit of a contrary move [against] those pay-to-play games, like shooters with loot boxes and things. And going back to just a simple player game where you buy the game, you have the game, there’s no in-game shop and stuff like this”.


In my perspective, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled was remade almost perfectly (excusing those excessive loading times). The visuals, the soundtrack and the courses were as good as I remembered. The gameplay was easily picked up and before I knew it, I was taken back to my childhood, racing my family members around the tracks.




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To read my final post, ‘The Highlights of 100 P.3’, follow the link! 🙂



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