‘The Switch’

The internet of things (IoT) is “the concept of basically connecting any device with an off and on switch to the internet”. It not only includes our smartphones, headphones and other devices but also applies to the components of machines.

The idea of everything being connected sounds exciting on a surface level however is unsettling when I stop and think about it. An article by Jacob Morgan states the relationship will be between “people-people, people-things and things-things”. That’s the unsettling part – thinking about all my devices talking to each other 24/7. I found this source aligned with ‘Do Objects Dream of an Internet of Things’ as Mitew discusses how each object holds its own identity and has the capability to engage.

I came across a few examples of what this could look like – such as your alarm waking you up and notifying your coffee machine to start making a coffee, or your wearable device in the workplace telling you where you were most active/productive and sharing it with other devices that you use whilst working.

To think we are already on the way with this when currently in American homes the “number of smart speaker devices is 76 million units” is somewhat frightening.








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