‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ – P.1

If you walk into my family home and head upstairs to our living room area you will find yourself facing ‘The Kramer’, a poster my sister picked up from a market at Uni a few years ago to surprise my family. Those who know my family and I can already imagine our excitement when we saw this masterpiece.




My parents love for this 90s sitcom goes back to the VCR days, with a collection of tapes still in my home today. For as long as I can remember, thshow has been a family favourite due to its relatable and memorable quotes and ingeni71966771_392123051737761_8999642302733352960_nous plot of having ‘no plot’. Most nights you will catch us watching it after dinner oas background noise whilst we do other work, quoting lines and laughing at scenes we’ve seen many times before. My love for the show has even led me to name every blog post after an episode and feature an image and quote from the show in my Twitter profile.




For my ethnographic study, I thought it was only fitting that I incorporate Seinfeld, which led me to my chosen area of study:

I will explore family fandom, uncovering how people fan and how they engage as fans. I will bring in my own personal family fandom experiences, looking at how the show brings my family together.


The findings within my study have the potential to positively affect numerous stakeholders and community, including:


Academic Scholars

As my research will be focussed on family fandoms, looking specifically at one individual family, being my own, academic scholars will benefit from this research as I will be sharing an in-depth study on fandoms and my own family’s experiences, which could open them up to new ideas or insights they previously might not have had on the topic.


TV Networks

For TV Networks, a study on family fandoms could be quite beneficial in order for them to understand family dynamics and how they engage both individually and a family as a whole.



As for fandoms, my area of study will be a great read for anyone within their own fandom, family fandom or those who are simply lovers of Seinfeld. My study will be an engaging and entertaining read for everyone within this realm and will bring light to a variety of areas surrounding family fandom.


From my research into the topic so far, I am yet to find a lot of relevant or useful topics for my study which leads me to believe my research is going to be quite beneficial to my suggested stakeholders in the ways mentioned above. As I am only in the pitch stage, I will continue searching for relevant statistics or sources that will be useful to my study as I progress.


★   ★   ★

For Part 2 of this series, click here to learn about my methodology and ethical standards within my study 🙂





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