‘The Engagement’

If you haven’t already, click here to take a look at my previous blog post and find out what my DA is all about! 🙂



BCM112 starter pack 2
Initial starter pack
starter pack 2
New starter pack



⬅ This was my initial starter pack for my digital artefact.






As I am now re-iterating my DA and narrowing my audience down through a new aesthetic, I created a new starter pack to illustrate my new audience. ➡️





My work is relevant to them as they are interested in art or purchasing my art and it is relevant to me as art is something I’m very passionate about and want to share with people.

For my digital artefact I have also made sure to engage with my audience on all platforms. On Instagram I do this through responding to comments on my post, liking other artists’ work and sharing polls and questionnaires on my story, asking questions such as:



On my other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and TikTok, my engagement looks more like responding to comments I receive. All these feedback loops I am engaging in is what drives iteration and change for my DA. I ensure to take on board what my audience is sharing and incorporate it in my DA in some aspect.


I continue to hashtag and tag all my artworks as it is an effective way to reach a wider audience and target any broad or niche markets I wish to attract to my page – such as tattoos, wellness/yoga pages as well as Etsy and Redbubble markets.

This has led to brands recognising my work and liking or reposting it onto their page, with Sharpie asking for permission to use it on their global social media pages, websites or emails.





From here, my plan is to start re-establishing my Instagram aesthetics and post more consistent content. I will continue to use my other platforms to drive traffic towards my Etsy and Redbubble as they are the two platforms I’m using to monetise my DA. I am remaining very flexible and open to change and iterations in this process, taking on board all feedback and suggestions. I hope to continue developing my DA as a portfolio to not only monetise but give me the knowledge and experience to work with businesses/brands in the future.





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