‘The Deal’


Pretty much all of us have Facebook, right?

Have you ever stopped to think what downloading the app meant not only for you but for the company?

Did you read those terms and conditions?


Me either.

iFuedalism essentially means when think we are downloading free apps, they aren’t necessarily free – there’s a return fee most of us are unaware of. In return for downloading the app, our information and data is handed over with that one click of a button – leaving our every move to be traced. Not only is our personal data viewed by Facebook but it’s also passed through to other platforms such as advertising agencies so advertisements can be targeted towards relevant consumers.

This all seems harmless until we stop and think about where it could all go wrong. There’s one thing I’ve always been afraid of and that’s hackers. With all this personal information being sent to these unknown platforms I’m left with little to no control of who’s tracing my every move which is a little unsettling when you stop and think about it.





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