‘The Dealership’


My remediation for this week was inspired by a statement I came across in one of the weekly readings, ‘Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, and Media Work’.

Digitisation within the workforce is on a constant rise as companies are jumping on board and making the shift to become digital. Companies are now “implementing a more mobile, flexible workforce that uses IT to meet new demands in the digital business landscape.”

In Gallagher’s article he looks at how “the old style of hierarchal leadership is on its way out, along with big mahogany desks and side bar of scotch.” This is highlighting the idea of employees no longer being constrained to one office and one desk but rather having the freedom to work in “remote locations” and choose their own hours.

Artificial intelligence has also made data easily accessible for employees which allows for decisions to be made in the front line of business. Companies see the fluidity to be beneficial as they can focus their attention on co-creating and innovation rather than managing.





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