‘The Checks’

In the process of creating my own digital artefact I also need to involve myself with other students’ projects to engage in their research and have a go providing feedback to my peers to engage in a feedback loop. This requires that I engage with three particular pitches and share with them what was done well, what could be improved if anything or provide them with any directions I may find relevant to their research alongside any additional sources.






My first comment was on Mackenzie’s project, which is looking at the power of nostalgia in video games. For this comment I first of all shared some positive feedback on what I liked about the Pitch and what worked well, based off the marking criteria. I then went and conducted my own research to further my understanding on the topic, in the process coming across a relevant and useful article on why nostalgia sells video games. After exploring her topic further I came up with a great path she could take her DA down and offered up the suggestion that she not only look at Mario’s evolvement as a character but how he has then influenced popular culture and other characters in games.





My second comment was on Jasmine’s Pitch which is looking at marketing and advertising in games. First of all, I shared the positive feedback I had on her Pitch looking at what aspects of the marking criteria she met and highlighting those areas. I then wanted to contribute by conducting my own research so I could not only provide an additional source but also offer a suggestion as to what path she could go down for her DA, providing examples and a source to support my suggestion which looked at not only critically analysing the “big” developers but also the smaller, indie ones and then comparing the budgets between these bigger and smaller developers and look at whether it determines the success of a game.





My final comment was on Christina’s Pitch which was about violence in video games. I first of all discussed everything that was done well in the Pitch and Blog post, basing my judgement off the marking criteria once again. I contributed to her topic by providing a journal and news article relevant to her research and then suggested other avenues she could explore for her DA such as not only looking at violent video games and their relation to aggression but also non-violent games.



Initially, I was hesitant to undertake the feedback aspect of this assessment. As I am naturally not critical of other’s work and not a “gamer” myself, I had many concerns that I would not be able to truly engage with the pitches I would be assigned. This ended up true to some extent as I am not familiar with a lot of games within the industry nor do I have extensive knowledge on such topics, however, I did end up finding myself quite engaged with the content that was presented and it naturally left me self-critiquing my own Pitch and the ways in which I commented on my peers’ posts.

I wanted to ensure when providing feedback for my peers that I was contributing sources or additional ideas and information that was genuinely useful for their DA and things they would want to use or ideas they would want to look into. In writing each comment I subconsciously created a structure as to how I would provide my feedback.

This started off with listing the things each of them did well and what I like about their Pitch and written component, looking at things such as structure, if they met the marketing criteria and overall presentation. I know presentation wasn’t being formally assessed but I do like to make a note of it when being presented with a Pitch that has a nice aesthetic. I then like to conduct my own research on their topic/ game they are basing their DA around so I can have a clearer understanding on what they are researching and. Next I offer a suggestion on a direction they could take their DA or a path they mightn’t have thought to go down yet. My final step is to share any other additional sources I came across that I believe are relevant and insightful for their topic.


After reading other students’ Pitches and conducting research for each of their topics I found myself actually taking in the information I was reading which was expanding my own knowledge on the gaming industry and concepts within. I learned that although I am not a gamer myself, I still have the knowledge and ability to critically analyse posts on topics I initially believed I couldn’t. I believe being the one providing the feedback has taught me to critically analyse what’s being put before me and allowed me to take mental notes of things that I believe work well or not so well and implement these ideas into my own DA. I also learned that you can’t truly engage with a post if you don’t put the time and research into understanding it – knowing someone in the class would be on the receiving end of my feedback meant I ensured to provide notes on all aspects of their Pitch in order to give them as much help as possible to continue their DA.


In order to improve and better my comments for the next round, I intend to spend more time researching each individual’s topic in order to gain a deeper understanding of their concept which will then allow me to give more detailed feedback and contribute even further knowledge and suggestions. I believe after each student has received their feedback I could gather my own feedback off them to find out if I provided them with sources/ suggestions that were useful – this will then allow me to find out what I could work on for the next round of commenting such as better word phrasing or providing more examples, etc.


Overall, I believe my insights and contributions I made for each Pitch were very useful to each DA, providing both positive feedback as well as any additional ideas, sources or potential directions for each project. I ensured to be very mindful of how I worded each comment so there was no misunderstanding in the tone of my message and I believe I succeeded with this, engaging in a critical yet convivial manner when presenting my feedback.

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