‘The Note’

A whole semester has passed and my research project is officially complete!




Starting off in BCM212 I was quite sceptical on the subject as it wasn’t one I would naturally go and choose myself. The term “ongoing research project” was not one I thought I wanted to hear going into the subject but nevertheless I would be doing it for the next 13 weeks.

Turns out, the whole process wasn’t nearly as scary as anticipated and I actually found myself quite interested in my work. For my research project I looked at how prevalent fatigue was amongst University students which I believe was a great decision on my behalf as it was relatable and something that I wanted to know more about.

I found myself engaged when conducting my survey, creating questions that I personally was interested in and wanted answers to from other students in the subject. In the process of  creating surveys, I also learned a lot about how to successfully hold interviews and focus groups which although wasn’t useful to my current project, was great to learn about for future reference.

The main struggle I faced with this assessment was getting responses to my surveys from students. This potentially could have been because of the way I structured my survey – meaning students had to go out of their way to message me or I would have to go out and seek them myself which resulted in my survey only receiving 22 responses out of 244 students enrolled in the subject. Unfortunately, a really small sample size meant my results were not speaking for many students and therefore could have been entirely different and a more accurate research project had more subjects been surveyed.

The other main issue I came across with this assessment is related to the last and that was time. Being my typical self when it comes to assessments, I wasn’t exactly “on top” of the project at all stages. I wasn’t super behind but my survey could have been created much earlier had I been prepared which in turn could have allowed more time for gathering responses. I am now however actually ahead of schedule… and will have completed this last assessment A DAY EARLY!




Overall, I am surprisingly pleased with the subject BCM212 in that I went in expecting to not really enjoy the subject and have come out pretty happy with what I’ve learned and proud to have made it out with a (hopefully) successful project!




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