‘The Tape’

Was anyone else getting ‘The Good Place’ vibes in this weeks lecture with all this talk on social points and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ citizens?




I was in shock finding out China is already implementing something similar with what is known as their ‘Social Credit System (SCS).’ The SCS is run through AI technology and said to be designed to “value and engineer better individual behaviour by establishing the scores of citizens and awarding the trustworthy and punishing the disobedient.’ The technology monitors behaviours of citizens, deeming them as either good or bad which links to a score against your name. The ‘good’ citizens get benefits such as half price fares on public transport, etc and the ‘bad’ behaving citizens will be punished by being denied access to public transport, government jobs, etc.



With over 200 million cameras placed across China, everyone is constantly being taped – their every move recorded as if within a “digital big brother.”





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5 thoughts on “‘The Tape’

  1. In this post you’ve related really well to this weeks topic! You’ve explained your focus clearly and given a great brief of the social credit system!! Although it would be nice to see a few more hyperlinks or clips to further explain China’s credit system to those who don’t study BCM or may have never heard of the credit score system, I know I personally hadn’t heard of it prior to the lecture. Overall this was a really good post to read as if confronted the weeks topic and your writing style was very clear and easily understood!!

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  2. Hey! Your post is really interesting and I actually learnt something new about China’s SCS system. It sounds kinda scary how they have the power to monitor people and put them into categories of good or bad… its like they aren’t even humans anymore. Also the camera’s around the country… so bad! Where is their privacy??

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  3. Hiya!
    This blog post is really thorough and your points were made really well using all of your external sources to back up this weeks lecture. I found your correlation of the good place and China really interesting, have you seen the show Black Mirror and the episode in particular “Nose Dive” I think you would find it super interesting and a good source for this post!

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  4. Hey Nicole!
    So as we come to the end of our BCM112 journey, I would like you congratulate you on such and amazing blog. You always convey your points perfectly and with great clarity. I aspire to have a blog as awesome as this in going forward into the future.

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