‘The Engagement’

If you haven’t already, click hereย to take a look at previous blog post, ‘The Pick P.2’ and watch my first video to catch up on what my DA is all about! ๐Ÿ™‚


BCM112 Beta


In my pitch I mentioned my next step was to begin setting up an Etsy account where I could sell digital downloads of my art. It was only after I began creating the account that I found a lot more went into setting it up than expected. I came across my main issue when I ran a test print of one of my artworks to find the quality was not up to a standard that I would be happy to sell. This part of setting up the account became very time consuming, so I took my artworks into Officeworks in hope that it would be an easy fix โ€“ but it wasnโ€™t. I am currently now at a stage where I am converting my file forms back and forth and running more test prints. Throughout dealing with these technical issues I was ensuring to keep my followers informed on the situation and keep up the excitement on my Etsy shop that is soon to be up and running!


My analytics suggests that my account has the potential to grow a much larger following.ย Both the impressions and reach are at substantially high numbers (with impressions getting up to 1200 and reach 960), however my likes somewhat lower indicating the audience is there but I now just need to focus on getting them engaging with my posts.


I am also having lots of my images being saved by people showing me that they are in fact getting attention by people and making an impact.




From here I intend to continue posting more frequently and increase my follower engagement whilst growing my online presence and building on my portfolio. I also will be opening my Etsy shop and potentially Redbubble too in order to start monetizing my DA officially. Once my Etsy, Redbubble and Instagram are all running I will be reaching a much larger audience which will hopefully boost my following and engagement.




Twitter: @_nicolepap

Instagram: @__nicolepap


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