‘The Race’

Propaganda is a systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, music, clothing, etc.)

Memes are an example of propaganda in that they can be used to influence masses – essentially brainwashing them to change the way they think.

In 2012 during the US Presidential Election memes, political memes emerged on a larger scale for one of the first times. Initially the memes were spread as a form of entertainment, however by the 2016 Election, political memes were no longer being shared for entertainment purposes but to manipulate social media users and their views in relation to the current political events.

As memes can be generated by anyone, varying political views are being fired at social media users from all sorts of users. Each individual sharing their political view is hoping they will have a strong enough influence on you to change the way you view particular things.

In Haddow’s article he states “the faster you grasp the point, the higher chance it will spread.” Due to a lack of gatekeepers and the speed at which information can spread online, it is almost becoming a race in which users must generate and share their content online to have the chance to be of equal communication power to those “above us”.





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