‘The Junk Mail’

Kelly defines the internet as a “copy machine”, as everything we produce digitally is copied. Mass production has allowed for cheaper production of desired goods but left only a small space for craft based production and customisation. With the digital economy running on an abundance of copies, originality can be scarce as all users are active participants and have the ability to ideate, produce and distribute content. Content is therefore constantly being recycled and modified within the digital realm and being consumed by users who carry on the process. This concept of active participants is one of the main differences between legacy media and emergent media as unlike the emergent media model, the legacy media model has a high production cost with gatekeepers being the only ones able to produce and distribute content.

Individuals are no longer having to open their wallets and spend money in order to access content online. Kelly’s states “when copies are abundant, they become worthless” and it is the content that can’t be copied that consumers will spend money on, which points out that we as consumers are no longer paying for the content itself but rather its personalisation.




Bunnell, K, 2004, ‘Craft and Digital Technology’, date accessed 28/3/19, http://repository.falmouth.ac.uk/537/1/craft%20and%20digital%20technology.pdf

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9 thoughts on “‘The Junk Mail’

  1. Great blog post. You explained the change from the legacy media model, to the emergent media model very clearly and I also enjoyed the glitched GIF that helped enhance your argument. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Great work, Loving the use of terms, however what about their descriptions, not everyone who reads your blog will know what they mean, you could even hyper link to a definition of what you mean.

    In order to connect more with your audience, try incorporating come open ended questions as that will allow you to make the audience think . Otherwise good work and it’s making me disappointed in my blog ;-;

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  3. Your blog post has great information and you provide good points. Your use of hyperlinks are great and will be quite helpful for anybody who comes across your blog post to inform them in more detail of what you’re talking about. I really enjoyed reading your post.

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  4. Great job with all the hyper links but keep in mind not everyone who comes across this wordpress will know what Emergent Media or Legacy Media is, so more hyperlinks would work even more! Over all great read and “consumers are no longer paying for the content itself but rather its personalisation” really stuck with me.

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  5. Great referencing techniques with all the hyper links, definitely need to take notes. Great insight into the process of ideating and recycling content and production. Great GIF in the title as well to link toward your argument.

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  6. These link were sooooo helpful!! It is very true about people not paying for copies anymore, hence why (as you stated) personalised items are becoming much more valuable. This is even happening IRL


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