‘The Masseuse’

After an excessive amount of research, I’m finally ready to talk about the overly confusing concept of ‘The Medium is the Massage’.

First off, let’s address the spelling error. Looking into why McLuhan left this misprint in his book I came across an interesting concept that discussed how the media is said to be “massaging” the brain to behave in particular ways. This idea led me to understand McLuhan’s concept in that “the way we send and receive information is more important than the information itself.”

A medium is an extension of ourselves and can be defined by our clothes, surroundings etc and we are seen to be distracted from the content of a medium and are “blind to the character of the medium itself”, which is the important aspect – the medium’s message.


If we have a look at this image, the message is easily overlooked as we look too much into the content of the medium such as the information within the book the lady is reading, unaware that the message of the medium is actually related to the users themselves. The most obvious conclusion of this image is that the user is literate, which illustrates that the medium of the book can only be understood if the user themselves are educated.



Eudaimonia, 2016, ‘The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan’, Animated Book Review, date accessed 23/3/19, https://medium.com/@obtaineudaimonia/the-medium-is-the-message-by-marshall-mcluhan-8b5d0a9d426b

Federman, M, 2004, ‘What is the Meaning of the Medium is the Message?’, date accessed 23/3/19, http://individual.utoronto.ca/markfederman/MeaningTheMediumistheMessage.pdf



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5 thoughts on “‘The Masseuse’

  1. So what McLuhan was trying to communicate was that the actual contents of the information presented in a text were not as important as the effect and response which is elicited by the reader? Furthermore, every medium we present is an extension of ourselves, therefore influencing a viewer’s opinions on what we are like. It’s fascinating how something as simple as a spelling mistake (such as McLuhan’s “Massage” typo can radically influence the viewer to interpret or understand something completely different than they would have without the typo.

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  2. Hello Nicole, I couldn’t agree with you more, you have found the concepts true meaning it requires the political, cultural and social understanding of recent events involving Marshall McLuhan’s theory. I’m impressed with your ability to write concisely. Not only did you fulfil the topic of the week, but you also stayed within the word limit and doing it well deserves recognition. Overall, it’s clear that you understand the philosopher you address and you present exciting ideas. I can see that we have touched on similar points, as you have stated that “the media is said to be “massaging” the brain to behave in particular ways.” I love this point as I have discussed this in my blog (https://www.nathaleecarboniuncensored.com/?p=831) I wrote that “the medium of language expands our musings from our psyche” which is critical in understanding McLuhan’s theory of behaviour from media. With this similarity, we are presenting our understanding of mass media exposure which helps contribute to human behaviour, enthusiasm and knowledge. We both establish that the ‘user’ or ‘users’ are the onlookers and if the audience does not understand the media they ignore the idea of ‘form’ which shapes the human experience. Another similarity we shared, is the form of media we utilised to present our remediations, as we share the same medium but presented different messages, as yes we both used gifs and they are both black and white. However, the difference is, that you are focusing on the essence of the effects on the user, through McLuhan’s quotation, whereas for me, I am presenting the philosopher as the message for the context not as the content, this is interesting as we share the same value of meaning, yet the execution is entirely different.

    Furthermore, I would like to provide you with some advice. I believe you could have explored McLuhan’s theory more; you could have even mentioned other philosophers views on the topic of the medium, and if you don’t like the idea of more philosophers. You could have engaged with external examples, not just your remediation. As additional examples can further your argument that “users themselves” are ”literate”. As yes your blog has discussed the concept. However, you need to dig deeper, to show what you think about the topic, and examples are an excellent way to support your statements. Your examples do not have to be imaged, it could be books, video and even quotes, this can support your ideas on the topic and even link visually, not only within a text. I believe a good source for your discussion would be; Eudaimonia 2016, The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan | Animated Book Review, online video, 7 December 2016, YouTube, . This video explores the idea of McLuhan’s theory of “the medium is the message’ and the effects that occur like behaviour, and size and space change, which complements what you were discussing with your blog and remediation. So if you give this video a watch, discuss your thoughts further.

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  3. So, I am already lost in your words, so you are trying to tell me that when im stranded on an island, the most important thing isnt my message / cry for help… but the trees i use. Also the fact that the person needs to be literate to read. You make good points but dont follow up on them. However the choice of material used was a good choice it appropriately describes the points in a way that is clearly stated in a message later on. (Thumbs up)

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  4. I completely agree with the concept of the medium being an extension of ourselves and I loved the use of the gif as a way of explaining your point even if the concept of that the medium of the book can only be understood if the user themselves are educated gave my head a good confusing.

    The spelling error which McLuhan left in his book also helped me understand his philosophical ideas more and his individual way of thinking and I feel also feel it plays a vital role in understanding this theory as a whole.

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