‘The Comeback’

Last semester I began the process of creating my digital artefact, ‘Ecko’, an Instagram account where I shared both photos and videos of my artworks. By the end of the semester the account had accumulated 215 followers showing me there was some potential with it, so I kept the account running throughout the holidays which resulted in a slow but steady growth eventually taking it up to 300 followers. I ended up deciding to include some more personal and other creative aspects to my account to showcase anything creative aside from drawings that I wanted to share and swapped out the title ‘Ecko’ for my name.


Fast forward to the start of this semester. The term ‘Digital Artefact’ came up in the very first lecture and I was no longer anxious, (we all were at first – admit it!) but in fact excited to be able to continue working on my account and experiment with new platforms such as Etsy. I hope to continue sharing my artworks and see where this semester will take me with it!


♡ NP x


Twitter: @_nicolepap

Instagram: @__nicolepap

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