‘The Finale’



The time has come where my digital artefact has reached the end of module 3; making. This module had a focus on further developing our digital artefacts, experimenting with new ideas and addressing any developments.

After completing the prototyping module, I began the making module by sharing my artwork in a way that positioned my page as more ‘professional’. For example, I posted an image of one of my framed artworks, tagging all brands featured in the image (Converse, Guess, Artline, etc) in order to have it appear as if it could be sponsored. The response to this post was down with the lower amount of likes I would usually get, however, when I took a poll to Twitter asking for what style of post people liked to see, 78% of people liked the new style I was sharing. This result on my Instagram may have been a result of less users being active at the time I posted, however in order to test this theory further I will continue to post similar style images to gather audience feedback.


Throughout this module I was faced with the challenge of my digital artefact not completely following Dan Ward’s FIST concept (fast, inexpensive, simple, tiny) as I found my drawings can take up to 10 hours if A4 size. I found I was lacking the time I would love to spend on my digital artefact as I balanced my work and Uni life. As my digital artefact is my hobby I wasn’t going to change my idea of drawing for this reason, so I have been coming up with ways in which I can share my art whilst incorporating the FIST concept more. I believe even at the end of the making stage my digital artefact still remains simple and encapsulates Donald Curtis’s claim that “something of true value does not become more valuable because it becomes complicated”. Whilst continuously working on an artwork in between my studies and work, I am drawing on other mediums such as hats, phone cases, shorts, etc as they are much smaller surfaces and therefore can in fact fall under the FIST concept as they take much less time to complete.


An example of this is my latest project. I DIYed a pair of old Adidas track pants and used them as a canvas for my art. This post received a great response and yet took approximately an hour or less in total to complete. I am now becoming more aware of the reality that I can implement the Fast aspect of FIST into my digital artefact and still produce quality content for my audience.

I also took the step to experiment with live streaming on Instagram where I played some music and drew. Throughout this process I came across a few challenges/ learning curves:

  1. I don’t have a tripod so getting a good set up was extremely difficult and the view only ended up mediocre
  2. My first attempt at live streaming got shut down because I was playing music in the background and infringed copyright
  3. Being in the ‘spotlight’ and having the pressure of an audience watching took some getting used to as I am used to drawing alone

Streaming was a great experience and once I have the equipment and set up I would love to do it again. Throughout the live I had around 8 accounts come in and out and I received comments from multiple of them complimenting my work which tells me I should definitely give it another go.

I have also continued to engage with my audience by sharing stories/ polls on both Twitter and Instagram as well as replying to any comments made on my posts in order to thank/recognise my follower’s comments. The connection between the audience and the ‘content producer’ is vital, especially for the direction I want to take my account in. As my following grows, connecting with my audience will always be a priority as it both shows appreciation and increases engagement. Bunnell (2004) claims “direct relationships with tools enables makers to engage intimately with materials and process to create finished objects with a high degree of autonomy”.

As the making stage is at its end I can reflect back on how far my page has come, creating the account and growing 215 followers. Being so passionate about art and about what I have created, I am so excited to continue working on my digital artefact as a hobby. Cannot wait to see what’s to come!


Twitter: @_nicolepap

Instagram: @e.cko_

4 thoughts on “‘The Finale’

  1. I’ve been following your DA since the beginning of the semester and am so proud of your progress!

    I’ve definitely been struggling with the incorporation of FIST. An instagram account in theory is simple and tiny, but I know for me personally that the gathering of content wasn’t fast or inexpensive. It’s good to see this is something you’re managing to overcome and are implementing more aspects of FIST into your DA – I will definitely be taking notes!

    Working on a project you’re passionate about it extremely important, and this definitely shows in the quality of your posts. Recently, I’ve been struggling to find motivation to post and generate content. Therefore, am trying to work my DA into something I enjoy working on.

    I think tagging brands into your posts is a really good idea. It provides the opportunity to engage new users with your posts if they just so happen to be scrolling through tagged photos. This is something you should apply to all of your posts, even if it is only just the one brand tagged at times. This way you’d be able to saturate your posts and this could increase engagement/follower count. And hey, maybe you’d even get sponsored!

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  2. Your DA is great! I really like the idea that you are using different mediums to draw on and to create more content. It shows that you are versatile as a creator and are constantly testing different methods. The toughest part of this assignment is ensuring that we keep within Dan wards fist concept as in many ways it is quite confining. But I think it is important to always look upon what you Curtis has said as in many ways a lot of projects would fail if you don’t continue to work on them. A suggestion to expand your followers and maybe get into a new market is using Pinterest. I always use Pinterest for inspiration and I do see a lot of how to’s on there and from looking at your project I think Pinterest would compliment your DA well! Maybe creating how-to create cool phone cases, of DIY shorts/apparel as you have pictured on your profile and linking your socials can create more engagement with your DA. https://www.shiftcomm.com/blog/5-reasons-why-you-should-use-pinterest-as-a-marketing-tool/ This is a link to using Pinterest as a marketing tool. I think using Pinterest a tool could potentially allow you to sell some of your creations and make some money from your DA. I also have just begun an “Artwork” DA and I think art is great because people are able to create their own connection with your work. From just a few weeks I can also see that people are more willing to give advice or leave comments on posts because they genuinely enjoy what you are making. So I believe as long as you keep testing and connecting with your audience I believe you will grow and so will your art to suit what your audience is telling you.

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