‘The Millennium’

It’s a Friday night and you want to wind down and have a night to yourself. You jump on Snapchat and find yourself swiping through your friend’s stories.

You see your friend has just arrived at a party. Within the first 10 minutes she’s uploaded an unnecessary number of photos of drinks in hands and a bunch of selfies with her girlfriends. Next you see a friend of yours hanging over the side of the sofa, looking a little vacant… he probably just had too much to drink again. Then the next few snaps uploaded shows everyone a little over-intoxicated; girls stumbling around and screaming the lyrics to ‘Fergalicious’ at the top of their lungs.


We are constantly exposed as a media audience on all forms of media and it’s safe to say that we no longer have to leave our bed in order to see a concert or go to a party. For some, this is a blessing, and others, it’s hell. If anyone is like myself and doesn’t like having any stories left unopen, you’ll understand when I say tapping your phone screen desperately waiting for a snap story to end can be overly frustrating.

The launch of ‘Our Stories’ and ‘Discover’ on the app opened up a whole new platform for celebrities and content creators to interact with their viewers and give them a sense of inclusion. With some obtaining large enough followings, companies partner up with them to promote their products and we, the media audience, are then influenced into buying or trying out these products. Although I am not one to instantly jump at the products my favourite celebrities promote to me through their social media platforms, I view their ads in a positive light. I follow fitness gurus and models on Snapchat and enjoy being able to take inspiration from their fashion and lifestyle choices and implement them into my own life.


Alongside these celebrities are our friends, posting little snippets (or 20-minute short films) on their story. These friends are a little TOO Snapchat obsessed, but we will never admit that to them because they are our friend and we love them despite their unnecessarily long stories.

Being a member of a media audience connects us and makes us a part of a much larger online community. Personally, I love being able to interact with friends through overly filtered selfies and stickers and for this reason, my experience with being a part of this particular media audience is a positive one.


Nicole, XO

Twitter: @_nicolepap

4 thoughts on “‘The Millennium’

  1. Hey Nicole, I had a lot of fun reading your blog posts, in particular I loved the opening analogy of a ‘Saturday night snapchat story’ . Your style of writing is enjoyable to read and very, very relatable (honestly I relate so much to the unopened story panic). There have been a few celebrity scandals involving snapchat that you may find interesting – https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2018/03/27/snapchat-over-these-users-were-miffed-even-before-celebrities-like-rihanna-blasted-app/444053002/
    Now I know this isn’t the most reliable website but it was interesting to read about the recent scandals and question what their impact would have on the media audiences.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. Hi Maddie,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, I appreciate the feedback 😊 I’m glad you could relate to my blogs and you understand my struggles! I also had a look at the article you linked and found it a really interesting read. It’s also crazy to see how big of an influence celebrities like Rihanna have on their audiences!

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  2. This is a pleasant read! I like how you’ve opened the post in a narrative sort of structure, I could visualise myself doing exactly what you’ve written. I too don’t like to leave people’s Snapchat stories unopened, but I also don’t like closing someone’s story mid-way through, do you find that as well?
    I appreciate the use of the Zoolander gif in relation to you following models – gosh darn, that Hansel! he’s so hot right now, am I right or am I right!?
    Overall I found this to be an engaging and relatable post for a millennial such as myself, 10/10 would read future posts.

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