‘The Foundation’

Hey guys, it’s Nicole.


This introduction is well overdue, but I couldn’t work out how to use WordPress for the life of me…nevertheless I’ve done it! And I’m (finally) able to dive into this world of blogging.

Naming this blog was one of the more difficult and time-consuming tasks. I had exhausted all online resources, cringing as I found myself resort to the google search “cool names for my blog” and disappointed to find that were in fact, no cool names. I even found myself asking my mum for some ideas… but let’s just say they weren’t exactly what I was looking for… (appreciate the suggestions though mum!)

Defeated, I had collapsed onto my bed and pulled out a dictionary in hope of finding some inspiration (…and yes, I’m completely aware that I may be only person in the past who-knows-how-long, that has picked up a hard copy of a dictionary and read it).

Unexpectedly, I found what I was searching for when I came across the word ‘echo’. I saw this word to be a representation of my intentions for this blog which is to share (‘echo’) my ideas and opinions on particular topics. Now, maybe that concept only makes sense in my head but I don’t want to bore anyone on my first blog post so for now I’ll leave it at that and hope someone understands me! As for the unusual choice of spelling of the word, I honestly just thought it looked cool and more artsy for the blog.


I’ll quit rambling now and jump into some facts about me. I’m eighteen years old and in my first year at UOW, studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media, majoring in Marketing and Advertising. I am a lover of fitness, drawing and editing videos from my travels on my beloved iMovie. I’m the chattiest person once you get to know me, I’m always hungry, I laugh at pretty much everything and am probably the jumpiest person you will ever meet (please don’t take advantage of this!!)

I’m not sure as of yet where I want this degree to take me or where I’m going to go with these blogs but feel free to follow along this journey with me and see where this goes! 🙂

Nicole, XO

Twitter: @_nicolepap

One thought on “‘The Foundation’

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